Customer Service Info

by Dorian designer – Dorian Meredith

Contact Information:
In world – Dorian Meredith
Email –

Customer service policies:

At by Dorian, customer service and satisfaction is paramount and as such I will gladly assist with any issues relating to by Dorian products.    The best and fastest way to reach me is by im in world.  Be sure to explain your issue in detail when you send the message so that I can properly assist you.  You can expect a response within 24 hours though it is usually immediate.

If you are having an issue with your product please first read any instructions that may have been included, particularly with houses / cottages.

Refunds and Exchanges:
Because by Dorian products are sold with copy permissions, no refunds will be made on any product.

If you need a new copy of an item purchased either at our store or on the marketplace, you can click on the “REDELIVERY TERMINAL” sign at the store.  This will take you to a website where you can select the item that you need redelivered.

Custom Build Requests:
All custom build requests need to be submitted by notecard with full details on what you are looking for, including size, colors, texture styles, desired prim count etc and if you are looking for an exclusive item.  Note that I do not usually have a lot of time for custom orders however, check at the shop for current availability.


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