L$ 60 Specials: Coffee Tables and Cabin Lamps

We’re happy to let you all know about the latest release at by Dorian, and not only are they new but they also are only L$60 as part of My 60L Secret and 60L Weekends!

The first new item is the Coffee Tables, which comes in two color options:

coffee tables1

coffee tables2

The Coffee Tables actually includes a long, low, coffee table; as well as a square, taller, end table. The coffee table has a land impact of 2, while the end table has a land impact of only 0.5. The rustic style of these pieces means it’s sure to fit in at any cabin or cottage. In case you’re curious, the items on the coffee table are also part of the deal!

The second new item is the Cabin Lamp, which comes in 3 color options:

cabin lamp

cabin lamp2

cabin lamp3

The Cabin Lamps look a little bit weathered, and yet polished enough to fit in to a variety of settings. Each lamp has a land impact of only 1, and you’re able to turn the light on and off just by touching it.

These items will be on sale until Monday, October 14, 2013 so stop in before then if you want to grab them at this insane price!


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